The Down To Lunch Story

How a Sunday project is bringing friends together at Stanford, Harvard, Yale, and colleges around the world! 👯 🎉 🙌
April 16, 2016

An Open Letter From The DTL Founders

Hey DTL Community 👋!

Joe and I (Nikil) graduated from Stanford, missed our friends, and made DTL so we could hang out with them more often. We're BLOWN away to see our little Sunday project help people all around the world bring friends into their lives.

Your excitement and ❤️ is what keeps us going. Your message telling us how you have gotten to lunch, chill, and party with friends through DTL are what get us out of bed every day pumped to pour our heart and soul into making DTL better for you! ❤️😊🎉🙌 We literally print out your tweets and texts and stick them all over our walls. We work for days on end without leaving DTL HQ (aka my apartment) because we know every second we spend on this helps you be closer to the people you love.

Our goal is for you and every person on the planet to have the people you care about in your life every single day.

And now we really need your help 🙏

As many of you know, we’ve been a target of a really, really nasty smear campaign. 😔 Someone paid thousands of dollars to spread a completely fake slander rumor of “human trafficking”, and sadly it’s spreading like crazy. If these rumors keep going, we won’t be able to keep building Down To Lunch for you guys anymore. We're getting texts from people all around the country screenshotting how everyone all over their fb, insta, twitter, groupme, etc.. are telling people to delete the app, which is spreading the rumor. The crazy thing is that people are believing this.

It's been heartbreaking for us to see something that we've poured our energy, love, and life into being torn apart by a very determined attacker. We're being accused of terrible things hundreds of times a day by people who hear about these ridiculous rumors and honestly its incredibly stressful and saddening.

Those of you who have used the app know how this rumor is so ridiculous. We want to get the truth out there, and we need your help.

If each of you can spare 10 seconds to send a tweet, we will be out of this overnight, and we will be eternally grateful!! We can then get back to building you the absolute best way to spend time with the people you care about. Here''s how you can help:

  1. Tweet The Truth
    I use the @DownToLunch app and it's totally safe! Down to stop slander! #DTLisSafe #downtolunch #DTL #ShareTheTruth
  2. Get your friends to tweet with the #DTLisSafe hashtag!

Thank you so much for your supporting us and the helping the DTL community. Joe, our friends in SF who help make DTL, and I read every one of your messages and we absolutely LOVE talking to you. You are the reason we’re work 24 / 7 for days without showering, gymming, or even seeing the outside world!


Nikil & Joe

Nikil and Joe at the first DTL Happy Hour ps. In case you haven’t heard the full story of DTL, here it is!